Compared with other Europeans, Czechs are a nation of mushroom pickers. Annually comes at least once in the woods seven out of ten. But not everyone leaves satisfied out of the woods, with a basket of mushrooms. Where to go for mushrooms? Where you flog grow? Ten kdo to ví, lets keep it to yourself.
Mushrooms grow almost all year round. These edible growing from early spring until early winter. But most of late summer and autumn. Mushroom season usually lasts from mid-May until mid-July, then there is a short-term downturn. The second wave of significant growth begins in August and lasts about in mid-October. Season culminates mostly in the month of September. Everything depends mainly on the weather. Most fungi grow when, when the soil maintains optimum temperature and optimum humidity. Even at small temperature fluctuations begins to grow mushrooms slowly decline. The sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity greatly affects the growth of fungi. Mushrooms grow fastest when day and night temperatures nearly balanced.

It is nonsense to go into the forest after the rain and expect rich findings hub. After a prolonged drought, heavy rain does not help much. Highest revive spawn and only after the water deficit, This is repeated when rains etc.. put mycelium fruiting. Often in the woods smell the hub, without there we found mushrooms. This fragrance spreads from the growing mycelium and feel about a week before the higher incidence of fungi. For the mushroom is susceptible to signal, that probably soon begin to harvest. Similarly, signals are tufts of whitish mycelium on the bare ground. Hřiby under very favorable conditions appear already in 8-12 days after rain. The main wave, however, comes up for 14 days. If it did not rain before long, thus, this period may be extended to 4 weeks. Under normal conditions after the rain mushrooms appear so for 2-3 weeks.